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StandardsUK Compliance Obligations

We take the privacy of our clients and their data seriously and will only process personal data when contracted to do so. 

The nature of processing related to our CRM activities is limited to having access to:

- Name

- Contact details, phone/email

- Organisational details

Contractural obligations entered into with clients provides a legal basis for the processing of appropriate data associated with the nature of the relationship as supported by client specific Statements of Work detailing the nature and extent of our services and the extent of processing we undertake on client data.


Our information security controls and practices enable secure working and storage locations for all data processed. Services are established within client data environments where data is ultimately hosted within client maintained information processing environments minimising the extent of data sub-processing activities.

Upon the end of services all data is achieved in secure storage locations with restricted access controls to prevent unauthorised access, processing or denial of the data.

All StandardsUK client relationships are protected by documented Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) that restrict the communication of any part of the relationship during and post engagement.

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